Trios lp by Tristram Cary

5 tracks of side A!
Click on image for a bigger and colored picture.

TriosComposed 1971. First performed at Cheltenham Festival, 1971, the composer taking the VCS3 part, and Messrs John and Robert Cary (the composer's sons) the turntable parts. Technical informations regarding "Trios" performance here!

Audio example A
Audio example B

Published with friendly permission by Tristram Cary.Image and audio was sent my way via SAM_ZEN.


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  1. rich reed says:

    man, this stuff is great! How can I hear more? I'm a proud EMS Synthi A owner and I eat all this old material up with a pitchfork. Love it!
    It's Tristram Cary's world, I just live in it.

  2. PIN says:

    I hope to add more soon! Check back from time-to-time.



  3. joe says:

    I have a copy of trios and hope to host an event and when I do I'll forward the results. Very cool concept.

  4. Jaime Munárriz says:

    Really wonderful, we love your music, thanks!

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